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Wood Works stains are mildew resistant, restore weathered wood, shield wood from harmful U.V. rays, stabilize wood color and provide maximum durability under extreme climate conditions. Our stains are specifically designed for exterior application and are made of a deep penetrating, modified oil formula that ensures superior results. These unique stains are manufactured under the most stringent of quality controls to guarantee consistent performance and a streak-free professional finish.

Semi Transparent Fence Stain

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain - Utilizes opaque pigmentation at a reduced rate to achieve a stained appearance. The unique pigment combination has been tested to prove its' unparalleled U.V protection. The combination of pigments offers increased square foot per gallon coverage. Offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty.  “NOTHING ELSE COMPARES”.

Transparent Fence Stain

Transparent Fence Stain - Utilizes ultra fine Trans Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain while staining the fence. Trans Oxide pigments are ground so fine they are very resistant to Ultra Violet Rays. The Transparent fence stain is commonly desired on a new Cedar or Redwood fence where the customer is striving to highlight and glorify the existing wood beauty. The Transparent Fence Stain and sealant is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wood Stain

Transparent Deck Stains are formulated for ease of application and re-coats while offering extended protection for decks. The deep penetrating oil formula utilizes a unique blend of oils, resins, bio protection and finely ground trans-oxide pigmentation. The combinations of ingredients are applied at 150 square foot per gallon to saturate the wood with protection, unlike competitive products that lay on the surface of the wood. This principle allows for lasting protection and easy re-coats.


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