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Why should I consider staining my fence?


Some home owners stain their fence because it improves their properties curb appeal. Despite the fact that it does improve the look, staining your fence can actually be a wise investment that will save you money in the long run by increasing the life of your fence. By staining your fence with our superior stains you will protect your investment from harsh environment.

How long will the stain last?  


Semi-Transparent Fence Stain:
    •    This fence stain is an exclusive product utilizing opaque pigments which offer unparalleled ultra-violet protection while still allowing wood grain to be visible. Product is backed by a three year warranty.

Transparent Fence Stain:
    •    This product has a customized formula designed with finely ground trans-oxide pigments allowing all wood grain to be visible while also providing excellent U.V. protection. The transparent fence stain supports a two year warranty.


Transparent Deck Stain:
    •    A specialized blend of natural oils coupled with silicone to provide superior protection on horizontal surfaces. Product also supports a two year warranty.

The warranty that comes with all of our stains has actually been tested and is based on extreme climates. You can feel confident, as we do, that all of our stains last well beyond the manufactures warranty period. Setting up a maintenance program with Wood Works can boost the life of your fence, deck, or pergola indefinitely!



How long would it take to stain my fence or deck?


Staining and cleaning your fence and/or deck can take an average of 2-3 hours.


Is my fence or deck gray because it's old?


Not necessarily. The gray on a fence or deck is mold. A new fence or deck will turn gray within a few months if not properly protected.


Does it matter how old a fence or deck is?


No matter how old a fence and deck are, they can be cleaned and stained or they can be stained when they are newly built to give them vibrant color while simultaneously prolonging their life.


Why should I use Wood Works products to stain my fence, deck, or pergola?


Each product is designed and formulated for a single purpose. Our stain has been specifically designed for exterior application and is made of a deep penetrating modified oil formula that ensures quality satisfaction. Although often compared to competitive products that are labeled "universal" our  product line is advanced in all aspects. Customized for longevity, ease of application, and ease of re-coats. Our stains are mildew resistant, restore weathered wood, shield wood from harmful U.V. rays, stabilize wood color and provide maximum durability.


What method of payment is accepted for staining my fence or deck?


We accept checks and all major credit cards.

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